The Best Flooring Options for Different Climates

Living room flooring | Thornton Flooring

Some flooring is better for hot, humid climates, while others are better for colder areas. Some flooring types can withstand both extremes. You have unique considerations regarding which types of flooring would be appropriate for your home. Most of those concerns revolve around water and temperature. Whether you are battling…

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Incorporating the Color of the Year into Your Decor

Incorporating the Color of the Year into Your Decor | Thornton Flooring

The fact that there is an official Color of the Year may be news to some people, but it is very much a thing among the design-minded. Major paint companies and other large retailers each make their own color predictions. Some companies choose a whole new color collection for each…

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Flooring Year In Review

Tile flooring | Thornton Flooring

Can you believe it’s almost 2023? As we get ready for a new year with new options and trends, here is a look back at what was hot in flooring for 2022. Trust the team at Thornton Flooring in North Sioux City, SD for all of your 2023 flooring needs!…

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