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Interior designers do more than just give home's makeovers, we pride ourselves on transforming homes into comfortable, beautiful places that reflect the individual style and substance of those residing within it. Transforming your home like this takes more than just a passion for design. Understanding what appeals to the eye is equal parts art and science, with creativity being just as important as technical knowledge. Skilled interior designers work hard to balance function and comfort, all while remaining true to the client’s vision. Thanks to years of experience, Erica Locke and Articulate know how to protect clients from pitfalls and hiccups that DIYers may not be able to recognize. So let the experts guide you, whether you're just brainstorming or have a fleshed out vision! Reach out to our Sioux Falls location anytime to get started!


Erica Locke - Articulate
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Erica Locke

Articulate, LLC was founded by licensed Interior Designer, Erica Locke, in January of 2020. Articulate offers professional Interior Design services in commercial and residential projects ranging from small scale renovations to 46,000+ square foot newly constructed facilities throughout the United States and virtually with e-design. When Erica first envisioned her studio, she wanted to create a place where clients felt heard and valued. While creating beautiful, safe, and functional spaces is what comes naturally to her, her focus has always been the people. At the end of the day, the clients she works with feel like they are both valued and appreciated. 
Prior to opening Articulate LLC, Erica spent the last 12+ years as a critical part of the design team on several award-winning projects at notable firms located in Nashville, Tennessee and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Today, as an independent Interior Designer, she collaborates and provides full service design solutions with several developers, architects, facilities, and contractors with the same common goal and focus in mind. 
Erica Locke - Articulate | Thornton Flooring
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Erica Locke, IIDA, NCIDQ Cert. #33630 | Owner + Designer | 122 S Phillips Ave, Suite 201 | Sioux Falls, SD 57104 | 920.889.8050

Chelsea Veurink Design
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Chelsea Veurink

Chelsea Veurink Design offers professional design services that focuses on home remodels and new builds. Chelsea has been working in the design industry for around ten years, including flooring and design/furniture store. She believes she can help you create a functional home without sacrificing beauty, all while taking the overwhelm out of the process.

Chelsea Veurink | Thornton Flooring
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Chelsea Veurink Designs | Thornton Flooring
Dawn Boer - Dawn’s Designs

Dawn Boer

"I do everything from helping design new builds and remodels. I also help people to update their current home decor."

Dawn Boer | Thornton Flooring

Dawn Boer | Dawn’s Designs | Owner + Designer

Cassie Beech - Made with Grace + Grit
Made with Grace + Grit | Thornton Flooring

Cassie Beech

Made with Grace + Grit is a full-scale business serving clients across Sioux Falls and surrounding areas. From a full remodel to a room refresh, We provide interior design services with a graceful eye for design paired with the grit of hard work to make it all come together. Made with Grace + Grit provides busy families with peace of mind, calming their decision fatigue (hello Pinterest Paralysis!) and curating beautiful, practical spaces to live in with comfort and confidence.

Cassie Beech | Thornton Flooring
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Made with Grace | Thornton Flooring
Christin Majerus - Simply Perfect Design Co.
Simply Perfect | Thornton Flooring

Christin Majerus

Simply Perfect Design Co. is the interior design extension for lifestyle business, Simply Perfect. Penny Klinedinst—interior design artist and owner created Simply Perfect Design Co. in response to the need of her growing clientele. With a talented team of designers, we are now accepting clients throughout the tri-state area. 
We believe that our home interiors reflect and affect our own interiors—our hearts and minds. And we believe that creating a foundation of simplicity, balance and beauty in these inner spaces helps us live our best lives.
Christin Majerus | Thornton Flooring
Simply Perfect | Thornton Flooring
Simply Perfect | Thornton Flooring

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