A Message to Our Customers

To Our Valued Customers,

We are still open to the public. Given the state of things, we do ask that out of respect for all of our customers and staff that you not enter our building or ask us to enter your home if you are not feeling well.

We are taking many measures to ensure everyone's safety. Some of those things include:

  • All of our staff and subcontractors are taking their temperature and self-monitoring every morning and are not going to work if there is anything wrong
  • We have any staff that can work from home doing so to keep the number of people in our store down as low as possible; we are sanitizing and cleaning all touchpoints in the store 3 times a day;
  • We are washing our hands and using hand sanitizer as much as possible; we are wearing masks when interacting with others;
  • And above all, we are maintaining a 6ft social distance. We please ask that when visiting you too try to help us maintain this social distance and please feel free to use any of the hand sanitizers you see around.

Some of the things we are doing to help you feel safe while we are in your home include; our staff measuring and estimating in your home are working out of their car and home to limit contact with others; they are using hand sanitizer before and after every customer visit; they wear a protective face mask and they also attempt to maintain a 6ft social distance.

We ask that you please help them to maintain this social distance when in your home. During the installation process in your home, we have asked that the subcontractors also use hand sanitizer frequently and wear a face mask at any time they are conversing with a customer. We have also asked that they maintain a 6ft social distance from our customers and would appreciate your cooperation in them doing so.

Thank you as always, and please stay safe.

Matt Thornton